451° – A Bulwark Film

Thrilled to share a project I finished earlier this year with MassiveMusic for Bulwark, which I’m happy to report will be featured at The Cannes Film Festival in a few weeks.

I recommend reading about the whole thing on their site, as they’re much more eloquent about it than I.  But, as a crude summation of the whole thing: Jeff Nishinaka, a paper sculptor, was commissioned to make an intricately detailed, giant industrial complex complete with work belts and huge electrical towers and all that.  After eight months of working on this thing, they took it to a rock quarry, lit it on fire, and made him watch.  The message of course is that you can become very, very attached to something, and that it can go up in smoke in a second.  Include the baldly worded tagline “Because People Aren’t Fireproof,” and you get a pretty powerful statement explaining the mission of Bulwark Flame-Resistant Apparel.

The entire documentary can be found here, with a New York Times article explaining the significance of Bulwark’s unusual marketing strategy here.  But included below is the meat and potatoes of the project (IE: when they burn it to the ground), which includes my musical contribution.

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